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Cross-Border Payment Services: An Overview

Azamra offers a suite of digital banking solutions geared to make cross-border payments easier for our customers and enable businesses to send and receive payments in multiple currencies quickly and securely.

  • Foreign Exchange (FX) Trading – Azamra provides a platform for foreign exchange trading, allowing users to buy and sell foreign currency.
  • Online Money Transfer – Azamra offers a convenient online money transfer service that allows users to send and receive cross-border payments quickly and easily.
  • Currency Conversion – Azamra provides a currency conversion service that allows users to convert their money into the local currency of the country they are sending it to.
  • Payment Gateway – Azamra’s payment gateway allows users to make cross-border payments using their local currency.

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Remittance as a Service (RAAS)

Still wasting time standing in line at banks to pay your global suppliers?

Time is money, and our Remittance as a Service (RaaS) product is designed to save you both. With our RaaS product, you can make cross-border payments in multiple currencies quickly and easily from the comfort of your office. Simply enter invoice details online and we provide the exchange rate immediately.

Determine a convenient time with your dedicated account manager, who will then meet you at your premises to collect the necessary paperwork to process payments. We provide our customers with FX payments and all the operational support necessary to ensure a seamless cross-border payments experience. RaaS is ideal for businesses that need to make regular cross-border payments to suppliers or employees located in different countries. It’s also great for individuals who need to send money home to family or friends on a regular basis.

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Currencies Risk Management

Transact globally in multiple currencies and manage risk with our currencies management solutions.

Currency fluctuations affect corporate profits. Azamra offers foreign exchange hedging products to minimize the risks associated with fluctuating currency markets and ultimately protect your bottom line.

Hedging strategies

We help our clients hedge foreign exchange risk in a wide range of foreign currencies and implement customized strategies that help safeguard and strengthen their business.

    • We offer forward contracts, essentially “locking-in” foreign exchange rates for the exchange of currencies on a future date to protect profit margins.
    • Our currency options and option strategies provide tailored customized currency hedging strategy that fits your risk mitigation needs. These option strategies can often be structured with little or no upfront payment.
    • Cross-currency swaps – We help clients hedge long-dated foreign exchange risk by creating an appropriate asset-liability capital structure.

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The vast majority of underserved populations in Africa and the Middle East do not have access to upgraded mobile phones which are necessary to take advantage of many fintech applications.
Azamra has solved this issue by partnering with a manufacturer to design smartphones that will come preloaded with our applications, allowing us to provide affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use mobile phones for banking transactions. These devices will be available for purchase through Azamra’s online store and upon opening an Azamra account.

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In regions with unreliable or non-existent internet connectivity, Azamra has rolled out a fleet of Wi-Fi-enabled vans to provide mobile internet access. These vehicles will be staffed with customer service representatives who can assist with enrolling new customers, conducting training, and building brand awareness.
This innovative solution will ensure that our customers have uninterrupted access to banking services, even in the most remote locations.

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Cash Transactions

For those who do not have access to a bank account or credit/debit card, Azamra offers the ability to conduct cash transactions at our network of Azamra-branded kiosks. Customers can make deposits or withdrawals from their accounts at branches to support digital banking operations.
Azamra is committed to providing financial inclusion for all and our innovative solutions will make cross-border payments easier and more accessible than ever before.